Rain fails to dampen Childfest energy

POSTED: 05/16/11 12:08 PM

St. Maarten – Six year old Angelle Presentacion’s rendition of the ‘Best of Both Worlds, 10 year old Keoni York’s rendition of I Believe and 15 year old Julia Bates’ rendition of Grenade gave each of them the top prize in their categories at Sunday’s 2011 Child Fest Star singing competition.
Some of the participants had prior experience performing on stage for large audiences but all still went through voice training with Helen Hart. In an attempt to bring out the hidden talents at an early age, the organizers included children between six and nine.
Presentacion’s rendition of ‘Best Of Both Worlds’, a song made popular by Miley Cyrus, showed that age was just a number. And when Niko Zurita did a song entitled, ‘To Love You More’ by Celine Dion, he supplied a wow factor with his young but melodious voice. Princess Ozkan closed the segment with ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ and proves that even kids can rise to the occasion.
In the competition for pre teens 10 year old York, the eventual winner, set the bar extremely high with ‘I Believe’ by Fantasia. He was followed by 11 year old Geniquah Thewet who performed ‘Who’s Loving You’, a song made popular by Michael Jackson’. The crowd loved it.
Sarah Grace Pitell, age 11 took the tempo down a notch by performing Corinne Bailey’s ‘Put Your Records On’ while 12 year old Jemani O’Brien tried to get the crowd going with ‘Crawl’ by Chris Brown. Thirteen year old Che’Vonne James hit the spirituality note by singing ‘Never Give Up’ by Yolanda Adams.
In the 14- 17age bracket, 15 year old Fabian Martin did his best to emulate the late great Michael Jackson when he sung ‘Man in the Mirror’. Marseno Bremer matched his physique with his voice when he did, ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ but it was the experienced Julia Bates that set the stage afire when she sung, Bruno Mars’ ‘Grenade’.
Before the start of the Childfest in Motion dancing competition, the Ozkan Boys entertained the audience with a dance that set the tone for what was to follow. First on stage was the Unique Freaks, whose members are Magnes Evers, Guillaume Richards, Miles Brown, Kael Richards and Ki-Mami Olivacce. They were followed by the ‘Shakers’ whose members are Shakirah Gysbertha, Sha-Aisha Gysbertha, Mahealeney Kemper and Che’Vonne James. Yuki Jigtiani was the only artiste to perform solo followed by a group calling themselves ‘Dynamite’ whose members are Shivana Advani, Hrithik Alwani, aashish Aswani, Kunal Bijani and Viren Baharani. The Fantastic 4, whose members are Ajay Daylani, Jai Daylani, Muskaan Dayalani and Mahek Ahuja were the last to perform.
Each of those dancing groups tried to be diverse as possible. Unique Freaks clinched the first prize followed by the Shakers and Yukti Jigtiani claimed the number three spot.

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