Radio Maranatha apologizes for broadcast interruptions

POSTED: 10/9/15 3:24 PM

GRAND CASE- The management of Radio Maranatha apologizes for the constant interruption in its broadcasting that the radio station is presently experiencing. Radio Maranatha, the only Christian station on the island on the French side, has been experiencing this problem since Friday October 2. According to management, the issue is not an internal one.

It’s not that we have a problem with our equipment at the station, but we do have a problem. We are having broadcasting problems,” Ederbier Milan station manager stated. “We at Radio Maranatha are truly sorry and would like to assure all our listeners that we are doing everything in our power to rectify the issue. What is actually happening is that every few seconds the broadcasting stops and starts few seconds after, and that is happening constantly.”

Milan divulged that he was working closely with experts that were doing their utmost to assist in fixing the problem. The station manager gave thanks to God, because things could have been worse he believes. He expects that the station will be broadcasting normally by early next week. Radio Maranatha thanked the stations listeners for their patience and prayers.

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Radio Maranatha apologizes for broadcast interruptions by

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