Queen Beatrix visits islands late October and early November

POSTED: 07/27/11 1:28 PM

Governor expects warm welcome

THE NETHERLANDS/St. Maarten – Her Majesty Queen Beatrix’s tour of the former Netherlands Antilles and Aruba will run from October 28 to November 6 according to a statement from the Royal Press Office. Crown Prince Willem Alexander and Princess Maxima will be joining the queen on the tour.
It is the first time the queen will be visiting since the Netherlands Antilles was dismantled. That breakup led to two new countries – Curacao and St. Maarten – and three new Public Entities – Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba.
Details of the program have not been released. A committee has been installed to plan the events in St. Maarten and Governor Eugene Holiday – the Queen’s representative here – has been talking about what he views as the warm relationship between the royal family and the people here.
“The people of St. Maarten have a longstanding, positive and warm relationship with Her Majesty Queen Beatrix and prior to her, her mother Juliana and the warmth of that relationship has always been displayed during royal visits of the Queen and members of her family to the island. Later this year, as has been announced by my cabinet via a press release, the Crown Prince, Her Majesty and Princess Maxima are scheduled to visit St. Maarten and I am positive that her majesty will be warmly received by the people as they have warmly done,” Holiday said on Debating the Issues with Samuel Allen last Saturday.
Holiday also announced on that program that the cultural aubade he launched on Queen’s Birthday – April 30 – will become an annual event as a means of paying tribute to the queen.

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Queen Beatrix visits islands late October and early November by

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  1. princesspriest says:

    dear queen beatrix may god bless you and help you to live long and we no that god is not ready for you so have fun and joying your life do not let anybody stop you from having fun thank you for reading this god bless you every and we want you to come back to st.maarten amen