Putas of the Caribbean on sale in September

POSTED: 08/21/11 4:03 PM

St. Maarten – Sir Leo Alexander, author of Putas of the Caribbean spent most of his adult life in the Caribbean after leaving his native South Africa behind. The majority of those years were spent on the island of Curacao. His book is a true account that takes you into the intriguing world of the lives and experiences of prostitutes and their clients. The stories primarily take place in Curacao and particularly at Campo Alegre, the Caribbean’s largest legalized brothel. There are contributions from friends, acquaintances, and most important of all from the women who had sex for money. The events and stories span over a 21 year period. Only a few men like the author
have ever been able to break through the protective barrier the women put up, thus entering the hearts, minds and souls of the “working girls”. All names have been changed to protect the identities of the persons whose lives are exposed. All women featured in this book were over the legal age of 18 and to the best of the author’s knowledge were not forced into prostitution.

The book will be on sale in Curacao from September.
a reader who got a preview of the manuscript, commented: “I would like to acknowledge Sir Leo Alexander for sharing all of his many encounters in a book such as this. He managed to show respect for both the clients and especially the women he chose to describe. In the book he gives tremendous insight into prostitution in the Caribbean. He has been very graphic about the many events that took place but I believe this is what kept the book interesting! He managed to describe in detail what type of relationships he was able to form throughout his many different encounters. I was left wondering what may have happened to all of the described subjects.

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