Pueblo Soberano calls for war on Netherlands-supporters

POSTED: 10/10/11 12:05 PM

Freedom Party urges Minister Donner to take action

WILLEMSTAD – Supporters of Pueblo Soberano, a coalition-partner in the Schotte-cabinet, have called for a declaration of war on people who sympathize with the Netherlands. The initiative has triggered questions by Freedom Party MP Eric Lucassen who demands that Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations Minister Piet Hein Donner takes measures and issues a negative travel advice for Curacao.
The Pueblo Soberano supporters have identified a long list of “enemies.” Among them are Omayra Leeflang, Emily de Jongh-Elhage, Pedro Atacho, Zita Jesus-Leito, Magali Jacoba, Malvina Cecilia, Glenn Sulvaran, Dennis Jackson, Marilyn Alcalá-Wallé, Emsley Tromp, Jachmin Pinedo, Carlos Daantje, Karel Frielink, Glen Thomas, the complete editorial staff of radio station Z86, Billy Pandt and Anthon Casperson. They are, according to the Pueblo Soberano supporters, “a threat to the island’s autonomy.”
Amigoe reported that Democratic Party Chairman George Hernandez was intimidated via email. His criticism of PS-leader Helmin Wiels did not go down well with Wini Margarita, the Chairman of the PS Mobilisation Committee. Hernandez has been challenged to step down from the board of the civil servants union Abvo and to engage Pueblo Soberano at the polls. The establishment, of which Hernandez is a part according to the PS, has become powerless. The attempts by this elite group to unseat the government are closely monitored, the PS said. “I assure you that all Soberano’s are well prepared to confront you and your elite group, who have the intention to hand our autonomy to the Netherlands,” Margarita wrote in the email.
On Facebook somebody using the name Gen Bies has published a questionnaire asking people if they are ready for war. The questionnaire offered three options: I totally agree – I don’t know what to do – and I am afraid.
An email circulating in Curacao calls on people to take to the streets and to distribute flyers. The so-called resistance movement has to reveal the Dutch tactic to annex Curacao. According to Pueblo Soberano the Netherlands is out to limit the island’s autonomy, “by taking over the islands and closing down the refinery.”
The annexation is inspired by the United States of America, PS says, and the ultimate goal is to get a better grip on Venezuela.

According to PS-supporters the international press needs to be approached. Via the press agency Reuters the wish to become independent ought to be published. This would strengthen Curacao’s position towards the Netherlands.
The opposition PAR-faction in the Parliament sent a letter to the Public Prosecutor’s Office last week. In it, the faction asks for an investigation into the threats uttered by PS-leader Helmin Wiels.
In The Hague, Freedom Party MP Eric Lucassen has read the situation in Curacao as an outright threat to Dutch people living on the island.
Lucassen has asked Minister Donner to dispatch additional Marechaussees to guarantee the safety of Dutch nationals in Curacao. He also demands a negative travel advice.
Lucassen referred to messages on Facebook that have since been re moved. These messages contained crude language that called for action against everybody who wants to give the Netherlands a helping hand to turn Curacao into a BES-island. Another message that upsets Lucassen reads, “Are you ready for War?”

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