Pueblo Soberano and Pais possible coalition-partners

POSTED: 11/5/12 1:02 PM

WILLEMSTAD – A coalition of Pueblo Soberano with Pais depends currently on the willingness of Charles Cooper’s party Man. The two parties need Man, with 2 seats in parliament, to form a majority of 11 in the 21-seat parliament.
The differences between Pueblo Soberano and Pais are not big, according to the former President of Parliament Ivar Asjes. We have had very positive talks and we could immediately speak about the content,” Asjes told the Amigoe on Saturday.
The two parties agree that the country’s financial problems have to be tackled decisively, that the offshore industry must be revitalized and that export has to be based on innovative industry. In the field of education and culture there are no major differences. Even Eugene Cleopa, who won a seat on the Pais list with preferential votes, is not an obstacle Asjes says. “Cleopa is not Pais. He was also elected with preferential votes and we respect that.”
Man-leader Charles Cooper was not available for a comment.

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Pueblo Soberano and Pais possible coalition-partners by

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