Public Education puts out troupe in 2012

POSTED: 04/19/12 12:37 PM

St. Maarten – ‘Public Education on the Move’ is the name of a troupe comprising personnel from public education services and   approximately 298 public school students for Sunday’s Children’s Parade. On Wednesday, Education and Culture Minister Dr. Rhoda Arrindell  made this announcement adding that her Executive Secretary Gina Illidge will head the troupe in her absence. Dr. Arrindell will be on an official visit in The Hague during the official opening of this year’s Carnival.

“I am sure that the children will enjoy themselves and put on a good display which everyone will find entertaining,” she noted.

“May the spirit of togetherness, fun and good cheer that is characteristic of St. Maarten Carnival continue to reign among us as we celebrate our most important cultural event,” Arrindell added.

The minister also called on parents to desist from shirking their responsibilities with regard to raising their children and keep Carnival and education separate. She was responding to a question posed at the weekly Council of Ministers press briefing on whether school examinations should be held at a separate time from Carnival or consider the changing the season of the festival all together as suggested by the Windward Islands Chamber of Labour Unions.

“For marketing purposes I might come out different but for me as a parent there are roles we all play. I don’t see why Carnival should interfere with school or school (with) Carnival if we keep them separate as they should be. In my view children should not be in the village late during the school week. It’s something I won’t do with my own children. There are certain spaces or domains in which children should remain and if we go back to those traditional values, then it won’t matter when Carnival is held,” the minister opined.

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