Prosecutor’s office: “That’s not our statement” “Suspect Wiels-murder arrested in Netherlands”

POSTED: 06/17/13 11:39 AM

THE HAGUE / WILLEMSTAD – The police in Zoetermeer arrested a 26-year- old man in Zoetermeer on Saturday evening. He is suspected of involvement in the May 5 murder on Pueblo Soberano-leader Helming Wiels, the Telegraaf reports based on a story from the national press agency ANP. But Norman Serphos, spokesman for the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Curacao told this newspaper yesterday that the link between the arrest and the Wiels-murder “is not our statement.”

Serphos: “They are saying their thing. What we are saying is: related to a murder in Curacao.”

The suspect was brought before the Judge of Instruction in Rotterdam yesterday. He will be transferred to Curacao as soon as possible, the Telegraaf reported yesterday. Serphos said that the suspect will be taken to Curacao in the course of this week but that no date has been set yet.

To the Telegraaf, the prosecutor’s office neither confirmed nor denied that the arrest is linked to the Wiels-murder. “In the interest of the investigation in this precarious case we are not going to make any announcements,” the newspaper quoted spokesman Serphos.

The arrest in Zoetermeer took place upon a request for judicial assistance from Curacao.

Another development in the case is a body that was found in Curacao that was cut to pieces. The Telegraaf reports that this is possibly the body of the driver of the getaway car.


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Prosecutor’s office: “That’s not our statement” “Suspect Wiels-murder arrested in Netherlands” by

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