Prosecutor’s Office supports Operation Vigilance

POSTED: 11/20/12 1:53 PM

St. Maarten – The Public Prosecutor’s Office will give a follow up to police efforts during the so called Operation Vigilance, it stated in a press release last night. Like last year the Prosecutor’s Office will strongly cooperate with police to maintain safety in the streets during the coming holiday season. Arrangements have been made on how to tackle all sorts of crime and unwanted phenomena, such as unlicensed street sellers, gypsy taxis, pick pockets and shop lifters. They can expect a zero tolerance policy both from police and the prosecutor.

Unlicensed street sellers will face prosecution and forfeiture of their illegal merchandise. Gypsy taxi drivers will face their taxi’s being seized and their cases presented in court. Robbers will likely celebrate Christmas in jail.

A special court session will be arranged in January 2013 when all cases will be presented to the judge.

By arranging this follow up the Prosecutor’s Office wants to underline the importance of this police operation and their joint effort to maximize safety and security during the holiday season.

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Prosecutor’s Office supports Operation Vigilance by

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