Prosecutor Benammar leaves St. Maarten

POSTED: 07/26/13 11:41 AM

Dounia Benammar

Prosecutor Dounia Benammar on her way to the crime scene of the Michael and Thelma King murders in September of last year. Photo Today / Leo Brown.

St. Maarten –  There is a new vacancy at the prosecutor’s office per February 1 of next year. Prosecutor Mr. Dounia Benammar leaves St. Maarten for a function at the office of Attorney-
general Dick Piar in Curaçao. The promotion moves Mr. Benammar’s departure from the island up by six months. “Otherwise I would have left in the summer,” she told this newspaper yesterday.

Chief Prosecutor Mr. Hans Mos and prosecutor Mr. George van den Eshof leave the prosecutor’s office per August 1.

There still is no successor for the position of Chief Prosecutor. The task befalls a management team of three prosecutors – Benammar, Gonda van der Wulp and Ludwina Hodge-Sprok.

Earlier the office of the Attorney-general published a vacancy ad for a senior prosecutor, but this spot is also still open.

The successor of Mr. Benammar will become in particular responsible for the Criminal Intelligence Unit, the information portfolio and international judicial assistance.

The Attorney-General’s office announces the vacancy today in advertisements on all Caribbean islands and in the Netherlands.

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