Prosecution: “The Buncampers had a role model function”

POSTED: 03/21/16 7:20 PM

St. Maarten News – Due to an unfortunate technical glitch, the story in Thursday’s paper under the headline ‘Prison time looms for Buncamper-couple’ was not completely printed.

Below is the missing part of the text.

The prosecutor expressed her amazement about the fact that, in spite of the publications in Today and the investigation by the National Detectives Agency, the country still granted permission to sell the right of long lease. “This made it possible for the Buncampers to cash in, in spite of their criminal behavior. This is in fact the land speculation that the national ordinance for long lease wants to prevent.”

In determining the demand against the Buncampers, the prosecutor considered the couple’s social status. “They had a role model function.”

The profit the Buncampers made from this racket is around 635,000 guilders, but the couple also holds a third of the shares in the Concrete Mix Company, valued between 300,000 and 600,000 guilders. “The dividend the Buncampers received for their share in 2015 was 100,000 guilders,” the prosecutor said. “If it is up to my office this illicitly obtained capital will have to be paid back.”

The prosecution also had serious criticism in stock for retired notary Gijsbertha. The 71-year-old, who repeatedly blamed this newspaper for his ill-fortune, “let the financial interest of his clients Molanus and Buncamper prevail over his legal task. He seriously damaged the office of the notary and the social position of the notary in general,” the prosecutor said.

“These crimes touch upon the core of the function of the notary. The community must be able to have confidence in the documents he draws up and signs. That confidence in the work of the notary makes the community highly value an authentic deed he draws up. That confidence has been seriously damaged in this case.”

About Oniel Walters the prosecutor remarked that it is seemingly “not the first time he makes his name available to the Buncampers.” For acting on paper as the director of Eco Green, Walters received a monthly “commission” of $1,500. “He did not have to do anything for it, but delivering the mail and picking up his check.”

Lastly, the prosecutor said that the time that has elapsed before the case came to court works in favor of Buncamper-Molanus. “On the other hand, she was a representative of the people of whom one may expect even more that she sticks to the law.”

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