Prosecution demands 3 years for threats and firearm possession

POSTED: 05/11/12 12:16 PM

St. Maarten – Prosecutor mr. Dounia Bennamar demanded 3 years imprisonment against Antonio Sundiata J. in the Court in First Instance yesterday for two counts of firearm possession, for threatening a policeman and for making preparations to commit a crime. Judge mr. Monique Keppels will pronounce her verdict on May 30.

On November 19 police officers found a .45 caliber Glock model 30 pistol, a Brazilian Ina Nac revolver and several rounds of ammunition in the defendant’s car that was parked near the Déjà Vu nightclub on Cannegieter Street.

On December 7, the defendant threatened a policeman in the police station using the words, “D., you are a faggot. When I get out, I am going to shoot you. I will kill you, you piece of shit. It is a small island.”

On December 16, the defendant was caught with an air gun, a balaclava and several pairs of gloves in his car that are, according to the prosecution, “apparently destined to commit an armed robbery or extortion.”

The prosecution considers all charges against the 24-year old proven. The threats against the policeman were overheard by colleagues, the weapons were found in the car near Déjà Vu on the passenger seat and the air gun may not be a firearm but it is fit for threatening people.

“Is having the balaclava punishable?” the prosecutor said. “In the context of the local circumstances, where there are around 400 armed robberies per year, it is. The defendant says that he uses it for paintball, but paint-ballers use a different mask. Having the air gun and the balaclava at his disposal falls under making preparations to commit a crime.”

Attorney mr. Brenda Brooks said that her client categorically denies that he threatened the policeman on December 7. “Nobody heard it and there were two others in his cell. The policeman who filed the complaint also arrested my client in the Déjà Vu-case and he was frustrated that he was released.”

mr. Brooks said that the passenger in her client’s car, Johan Alberto R., had admitted that the weapons in the car belonged to him.

The attorney also dismissed the charges for making preparations to commit a crime as too vague and she asked the court to acquit her client on all counts.

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