Prosecution brings new charges against Cheetah Moon killers

POSTED: 07/1/11 7:38 PM

Trial postponed until September

St. Maarten – The Court in First Instance postponed the trial against two men who are suspected of three murders, a rape, and two armed robberies until September 14 because the final police report is not finished yet and because the prosecutor’s office has brought two additional charges against them. If necessary, the court will take two days for the trial.

The suspects are Curtley Allison R., 31, and Sherwan R., 20, both from Dominica.  Judge Keppels ordered the men’s transfer to Curacao where they will be put under psychiatric observation.

The men are charges with the killings of Ludovic Guillevin, Eduardo Nova Valdez and Foidel Louis, the multiple rape of a woman in the night from on February 12 to 13, and armed robberies on February 12 and 23.

The two defendants are considered hardened criminals and they were treated as such as well yesterday. The suspects were brought into the courthouse under the watchful eye of members of the special arrest team.

Ludovic Guillevin, who was the cook of the luxury yacht Cheetah Moon was killed during the night of February 25 to 26 in Mullet Bay, where the killers hit and kicked their victim, stabbed him multiple times with a knife, jumped on his chest, hit him with a large rock against his head and attempted to set his shirt on fire.

In the night from March 3 to 4 Eduardo Nova Valdez was killed on the Cakehouse Road. He was also hit and kicked, stabbed several times with a knife and hit on his head with a large stone. The next morning Foidel Louis was killed near Learning Unlimited. The modus operandus was the same as the one used for the Valdez killing.

Both Nova Valdez and Louis were kidnapped by the killers and robbed of their possessions.

During the night of February 12 to 13 the same defendants are accused of raping a woman whom they had grabbed by her hair, forced in their car and driven to a remote location, On the crime scene they attempted to strangle the woman, before they started hitting her, dragging her out of the car and undressing her. They ended up raping the woman several times.

On that same day the suspects lured a man into their car whom they also took to a remote location. They attempted to strangle their passenger, hit him several times, dragged him out of their car, kicked him and finally beat him unconscious. They took their victim’s possessions, consisting of a cell phone, a bag containing several sandwiches and six Bibles, and $40 in cash.

Eleven days later the two suspects were at it again, according to court documents. They robbed a man whom they grabbed by his head, then showed him with a firearm and forced him into their car. They robbed the man of a laptop, a memory stick, a passport, a cell phone, a wallet containing $470 and a bag of clothing.


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