Property for sale for $ 7.9 million: Facebook-action to save pristine Little Bay Pond

POSTED: 12/11/13 6:54 PM

St. Maarten – A property of 4.5 acres starting at the roundabout near Learning Unlimited and going down all the way to the ocean next to the Belair Hotel has been put up for sale. The price-indication for potential buyers is $7.9 million.

While the map displayed on the sign indicates the buildings of the Belair Hotel, the hotel itself is not included in the sale, a spokesman for Tendal Real Estate told this newspaper.

The sign was put up recently and immediately triggered a reaction on Facebook. Peter Mazereeuw set up a page called Little Bay Pond conservation. Within a couple of days, the page received more than a hundred likes. “Let’s try to raise funds to buy and preserve it; share your ideas and join the effort,” the site notes.

“Sint Maarten has lost too many of its ponds already. Let us all come together and try to preserve Little Bay Pond. It is for sale for $7.8 million ($7.9 million according to the real estate company – ed.). The following text is part of a letter I send to Pride Foundation and Nature Foundation:

“For several days now I am thinking about the Little Bay Pond and how we cannot afford to lose this one also for the island. I am serious about seeing if there is a way to try to raise funds to acquire the property in the form of a foundation or something similar. I have no knowledge neither experience in these kind of ventures. Maybe crowdfunding? Does the Nature Foundation or Epic or Pride have a mandate to be able to do this? Do we need a new foundation? Are there European or American development funds for such an enterprise? Lots of questions not many answers yet.”

“I was wondering if you guys have the time and would be interested to discuss this, make up a business plan and see if we can get somewhere,” the letter continues. “The property could have an eco-lodge, restaurant, souvenir shop, research education center offices for Epic, Nature Foundation, Simarc and Pride , bird watching decks , aquaponics, Butterfly Farm ( he wants to leave the French side). Together with heritage development of Emilio Wilson estate we could offer a Heritage and Nature trail experience for cruise ship visitors.”

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Property for sale for $ 7.9 million: Facebook-action to save pristine Little Bay Pond by

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