Produce vendor attacked and stabbed by youngsters

POSTED: 09/14/12 3:05 PM
Robert Heligar with his wife, Silvia in happier times

St. Maarten – A sixty seven year old produce vendor identified as Robert Heligar was rushed to the St. Maarten Medical Centre (SMMC) yesterday afternoon after he sustained stab wounds at the hands of two young men who reportedly attacked him.

Heligar, usually plies his trade obliquely opposite the Afoo Supermarket on Cannegieter Street and is known to be a no nonsense person.  Up to press time, his wounds were not considered life threatening but his wife of four years, Silvia, fears that his heart, circulation and hypertension problems could complicate things.

Silvia, recounted that around 5: 00 pm yesterday, two young men on bicycles rode up near the stall where she stood.  Heligar who was in his Ford Explorer vehicle at the time asked them why they had ridden so close to the stall.

“He told them it is private property and I said to him, Robbie don’t say anything to those young people. Young people these days don’t have any respect and look for problems,” Silvia recounted.

She stated the boys then left, but returned 25 minutes later while her husband sat in his vehicle trying to sort out some cds.

“They just rushed at him and start to stab him. One of them try to pull the knife out of his side to stab him again, but half of the knife broke in him. He fell to the ground and they started throwing stones and bottles at him, then they just went away. We never had a problem with them before, they never asked for any money or anything, they just attacked my husband,” a sobbing Silvia said.

It was her screams, as she watched Heligar bleed profusely from the wound to his lower right side abdomen, which attracted people in the area. She applied pressure to the wound until the ambulance arrived to transport her husband to the SMMC.

Other people in the area recalled seeing the two young men, one approximately 5 feet 4 inches and the other 5 feet 6 inches tall, throwing empty Heineken bottles at the vendor.  They then made good their escape in the direction of the Back Street area.

Curious onlookers converged at Cannigieter Street upon hearing that a vendor has been stabbed there.

Police were also summoned to the scene and two mobile units and 2 bike patrol officers responded.  The scene was cordoned off but by that time curious onlookers had already converged in the busy downtown shopping area.

The couple lives in Colombier but Robert Heligar is originally from Aruba. He has sold produce from his farm on the French side for more than 7 years on Cannegieter Street.

“He is a good guy, peaceful, always selling his provision but he is serious, anybody who mess with him that it’s for them,” one of the vendor’s friends remarked.

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