Prison time for forging Brooks Tower papers

POSTED: 06/28/12 11:45 AM

St. Maarten – Josane Rosemarie Antoline Emmanuel denied everything but the Court in First Instance sentenced her all the same to 18 months imprisonment and 3 years of probation for providing fake employer-affidavits and fake labor contracts to clients of her company Unico Management Services who needed these papers to obtain a temporary residence permit under the Brooks Tower Accord. Of the sentence, 9 months are suspended. The verdict is slightly milder than prosecutor mr. Manon Ridderbeks demand of 18 months with 6 months suspended.
The prosecutor announced that her office will also start a procedure to seize the illicit profits Emmanuel gained from her activities.

The emotional defendant told the court that she had no idea what her employee was doing, because she was ill and remained on the first floor of her home, while the employee did the paperwork downstairs. The employee, Wyesha Gergian Alfred was sentenced earlier this month to a 6-month suspended prison sentence and 240 hours of community service.
Emmanuel said that she had a contract to find workers for Avalon and energizer construction companies to work on the bridge across the lagoon project. She claimed to have contacted another construction company, Kazan, to provide her with the workers.
But Alfred said during her trial in late May that at the instruction of her employer she made fake employer-affidavits and fake labor contracts for people who came to Unico because they wanted papers that would enable them to obtain a temporary residence permit. According to Alfred, at least 30 people were placed on the payroll of Kazan construction for a fee of $400 per name, while these people never worked there.

Emmanuel’s attorney mr. Shaira Bommel said that it would have been up to the labor department to check whether the labor contracts were genuine.
Judge mr. Monique Keppels considered the charges of forgery against Emmanuel proven.

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