Prime Minister, USONA sign agreement for data management system

POSTED: 03/13/11 8:36 PM

St. Maarten – Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams and Udo Aron of USONA signed a financing agreement Friday for a project titled Reinforcement of the data management of the government. Parties anticipate the project will benefit both government and businesses.
The project aims to establish data connections between the various departments of the government. A computer system will be designed and put in operation that allows departments to interchange information about customers and products. Examples of benefits of VGO are that departments can subscribe to receive a message if a new company is established and have all basic information available when the new business man comes to their department for service.

Another example is that VGO makes it possible for the Labor Department to exchange information electronically with for example VGZ to tell about employers and employees that are entitled to VGZ services.
VGO will furthermore upgrade the complete information management structure of the Government, establish base registries for people, businesses and vehicles and act as the back-office information supplier of the parallel developed Public Service Center. In that way the government can deliver better and faster service to the public.
VGO is considered to be an ambitious project with high stakes and even higher benefits for the government, the public and the development of our country in general. The VGO system will not hold any data itself but act as an information broker. It will be highly secured and measures will be taken in the design to prevent any connection or exchange without a backing legislation.
VGO is funded by the Dutch government through USONA to the tune of 2 million guilders. The project is managed by a team of specialists headed by program managers of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BAK). The IT Development team is working closely together with the department of ICT and all involved government departments to have the VGO system completed and fully operational by the summer of 2012.

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