Prime Minister congratulates local Dominicano community

POSTED: 02/27/12 3:48 PM

Dominican Republic celebrates Independence Day

St. Maarten (DCOMM/Today staff) – Dominicanos around the world will be celebrating the 168th anniversary of the Dominican Republic’s independence today.

“On behalf of the people and the government of Sint Maarten, I extend best wishes to the people of the Dominican Republic as they celebrate their country’s birth, 168 years ago. Our countries share a long-time friendship based on many common interests, not only commercial, but also strong family, cultural and social ties.

“Many Dominicanos have made our country their home, thereby contributing to their homeland as well as making a significant contribution to our development in many different areas. Our landscape is decked with activities by Dominican nationals,” the Prime Minister said in a statement issued yesterday.

“I use this occasion once more to encourage the Dominicanos amongst us to join us in making Sint Maarten a country we all can be proud of and to instill in younger generations the love for the country they are part of. Many of the younger generation of Dominicanos know no other place than Sint Maarten and they should therefore see a role for themselves in building country Sint Maarten as they continue to show pride and respect for their heritage.”

“Once again, to the Sint Maarten Dominicano community, those living abroad and in the Dominican Republic, a happy anniversary from the people and the government of Sint Maarten,” Wescot-Williams said.

Last week the Foundation Semana Dominicana officially opened its 12thcelebration of the Dominican Republic’s culture and traditions with a ceremony at the Philipsburg Jubilee Library.

The foundation organized a week of activities to showcase Sint Maarten’s Dominicano community as talented, hard-working people with an amazing culture and history.

The penultimate event by the Dominicanos residing on St Maarten was as colorful and explosive as was expected during the parade which started at Le Grand Marche and concluded on the parking lot behind the new government building yesterday afternoon.

Among those at the front of the parade was Yoemya Provence, the Mini Miss Semana Dominicana in a red convertible, the Vice Council, Mercedes Ortez Lopez, the senior queen, Wanda Flores along with the other contestants that participated in the pageant and Mayra Provence, the President of the Semana Dominicana Association.

It was a jubilant event and the revelers, most of them attired in fabrics bearing the national colors gyrated to the accompanying music. The celebrations will come to a close today with the hoisting of the flag of the Dominican Republic at the consulate in Philipsburg.


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