Priest pushes for solar panels on schools

POSTED: 02/4/14 12:40 PM

St. Maarten – “In all good intention we have sent a letter on January 7, 2014 to NV GEBE shareholder representative Maurice Lake proposing that the company invest in the installation of solar panels in our schools. This investment will cause a reduction of energy cost by some 60% to 65% according to information we received,” says Lenny Priest, leader of the One St. Maarten People Party in a press release issued yesterday

“Considering that most of the school boards pay a monthly energy bill of approximately 26,000 guilders, this savings of roughly 16,000 guilders should be invested in upgrading of the information technology at the various schools and to reduce the annual school fees that are already burdening so many of our family that are earning the minimum wages. This investment would be a major boost for the schools and our students and those families that are having it very difficult to make ends meet financially on a monthly basis,” Priest stated.

Just recently the nation was informed by Member of Parliament Theo Heyliger during the inauguration of the Causeway Bridge that NV GEBE is sitting on a cash reserve in excess of $60 million, Priest pointed out. “The investment in these solar panels would not hamper the company cash flow position in any way. However, if we refuse to invest in our future leaders in the form of education then we have no good intention for the further development of our country even if we continue to invest in concrete. Education is a life time investment and if we don’t invest now that the funds are available then when will we see it fit to do. Invest now and reap the harvest in the near future.”

Yesterday Priest sent a mail to NV GEBE Supervisory and Management Boards requesting a meeting to discuss this very important proposal. “We believe that now is the time to make that investment. Only the prepared will inherit the future, the next generation,” Priest concluded.

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