Priest pleads for community involvement Priest pleads for community involvement

POSTED: 02/21/12 12:06 PM

St. Maarten – The Middle Region and Defiance Community Council in its meeting of February 9, 2012 approved their calendar of activities for the year 2012. The council’s president Lenny Priest says it is their intention to carry out this program in its entirety and urged residents of Middle Region and Defiance “to get on board in order to realize these great events.”

“We have been in contact with many of the residents during our Meet the Residents program in 2011. During many of those discussions the residents expressed their concerns about many issues that are affecting their lives. Topping the list is a need to construct a community centre and a playground for our children and the elderly to enjoy themselves,” Priest said.

“We were somewhat amazed when we heard from some of the residents that they did not get involved in the community council for they thought that the community council was only for residents with a Dutch passport. This is further from the truth. The council invites all residents from Middle Region and Defiance to get involved as long as you live in Middle Region or Defiance. We don’t care if you were born here or not; and your legal status is no concern of ours,” Priest added.

The council has paid Payless NV to repair the lights on the Alex “the Butcher” Richardson basketball court next to the Sister Marie Laurence School.

“It is our strong belief that in order to prevent our young people from getting involved in all types of crime we must present them with some positive activities to keep their mind occupied. Our young boys love basketball and sports in general and we must therefore bring the sport to them in their community. Our greatest joy is to see our young boys and girls making use of the basketball court in the evening after school. We are planning a basketball knockout for the youngsters from Middle Region and Defiance during the month of March 2012,” Priest said.

“We feel that our calendar of activities 2012 clearly reflect the wishes of the residents of Middle Region and Defiance and we will strive very hard to accomplish all those plans mentioned in the programs. The board consists of seven members, but alone we will not be able to execute the programs but together as a community we can move mountains.

Let’s join hands together for a better community. Get involved,” Priest also stated.

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Priest pleads for community involvement Priest pleads for community involvement by

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