Priest outraged about sewage flowing into his yard

POSTED: 05/2/12 11:45 AM

ST. PETERS – Theophilus Priest is outraged about the actions of the owner of two apartment buildings located just behind his home on Marigot Hill Road. “Every week he pumps raw sewage from his apartments into my yard,” Priest fumed yesterday afternoon. I called the police and they don’t come; I called the health inspection and they don’t come. This has to stop.”

The sewage water flows freely down the hill into Priest’s yard, where it is led through a small dug out canal past his house. Without the canalization the sewage would flow directly onto the back of Priest’s building.

From the yard, the sewage flows onto the road, causing stench all over the place. Neighborhood residents say they cannot sleep because of the stench. They also wonder angrily why tacking this particular situation is not part of the upgrading of St. Peters.

Moses Mardenborough, a cousin of Priest who lived right behind him, also sees the sewage flow past his home. There is also a small kindergarten in this building.

“This is not just from today,” Mardenborough says. “This has been going on for months.”

Priest, who is usually a calm and relaxed man, was outside himself yesterday afternoon, saying that if nothing is done about the situation he is sorely tempted to take the law into his own hands.

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