Preparatory resolution Little Bay on public review “Necessary to protect ecological value”

POSTED: 09/7/16 10:08 AM

St.maarten– The Vromi-Ministry has published a preparatory resolution for the development of an area in Little-Bay-Cay Hill where investors plan to build a 326-room hotel and 450 apartment buildings. The plan area is located near the beach and – seen from the water, just to the left of Little Bay Pond.

The ministry published the resolution last Friday and it is on public review for 30 days.

The resolution shows that the plan to develop the complete Cay Hill-Little Bay area was already put on public review in October 2014.

Due to the current lack of urban development planning, the resolution states, “every intention for initiatives to develop or to build has to be reviewed especially sharp in the context of what is and what is not considered acceptable.”

The resolution furthermore states that, from the perspective of nature and environment it is necessary to protect “areas with ecological, natural or scenic values like Little Bay Pond, and among them mangrove zones along this pond.”

From the perspective of proper urban planning it is “desirable that the scope of construction initiatives, also along the beach, is regulated and geared to the values that are present in that location.”

The objective of the preparatory resolution is “to prevent developments (construction and the use of buildings and land) that do not fit and (can) even conflict with the development plan that is already in preparation.”

“In case the intended activities fit within the development plan that is in preparation, an exemption can be made,” the resolution states.

The resolution contains a remarkable detail in article 2 that states that the preparatory resolution will be worked out based on the planning permit that has been approved for the area (under number PP05020 – Pointe Esprit) “with the exception of the construction height.”

The evaluation of current policies, new insights and additional research into development options and conditions that fit the architectural, natural, ecological, scenic and cultural-historical value of the area will also be taken into consideration.

The preparatory resolution – dated August 18, 2016 – is valid for 1.5 year from the day it has been published in the National Gazette.

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Preparatory resolution Little Bay on public review “Necessary to protect ecological value” by

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