Pregnancy market attracts huge crowd

POSTED: 09/1/11 2:14 PM

St. Maarten – The “Pregnancy Market” at the Department of Public Health attracted a huge gathering of people who came for information about pregnancy and how to deal with it. The Pregnancy Market was an initiative of Denise Vÿber from the Community Development Family and Humanitarian Affairs and Myra Martina of Collective Prevention Services.
“This Pregnancy Market is geared towards those who are expecting a baby and sharing the information about pregnancy and about newborns. What we learnt is that there are women in the community who have many questions about pregnancy and that there is a lack of information about these issues,” said Vyber.
The initiators decided to invite a number of organizations that deal with pregnancies such as the St. Maarten Medical Center, Oduber Agencies, pharmacies, Sifma, Community Help Desk, Collective Prevention Services, Youth Health Care /Dental Care Program and the Civil Registry. These organizations set up booths to disseminate information to visitors about pre and post natal care.
“We need to give as much information as possible,” said Myra Martina “so that persons can make the right decisions to make sure that the babies get a healthy start.” By providing the relevant information they hope that pregnant women or those who plan to start a family will be able to understand what pregnancy is all about.
Martina said pregnant women have asked nurses on occasion after they got pregnant to explain what is happening to their bodies. The mere fact that women say that “they make the baby when they deliver the infant and not at conception,” is the reason for the dissemination of the information.
Some women are unaware that after they give birth there is post natal care available to help them with the necessary care on what needs to be done especially in breast feeding. The organizers want to set up similar events in the future to “get the message across and the families could make good use of it.”
There is obvious a demand for sessions such as these the turnout shows.

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