Préfecture threatens Le Shore beach bar & restaurant with closure

POSTED: 06/26/12 12:25 PM

MARIGOT, St. Martin – The préfecture has issued yet another warning to Le Shore, a beach bar and restaurant in Sandy Bay outside Marigot on the way to the lowlands, after neighborhood residents filed new complaints about noise pollution. The prefecture has given Le shore, formerly located in Grand Case, a one month closure notice. The owner has seven days to comply with regulations, otherwise the place will be closed down for a month, the French-side St. Martin’s week reported yesterday.
The gendarmerie received the first complaints about noise coming from Le Shore three months ago. On that occasion, the préfet also issued a one month closure notification. The owner, who is not identified by name in the report, says that residents in Anse Margot have objected to his project since construction started last year. He told the newspaper that residents keep filing complaints to make them close down the place, but that he has done everything within his power to meet administrative requirements and to canalize the sound.
Mathieu Doligez, the cabinet chief of préfet Chopin, told the newspaper that Le shore has not submitted proof that it has installed equipment to limit sound levels from its music; there are also requirements from the fire department that still have to be met. Doligez said that there had not been complaints for three weeks but that new complaints recently started coming in again.
“The owner has to stick to the rules if he wants to remain open,” Doligez said.
In the meantime, the owner says that due to all the complaints he is now in financial difficulties. “Le Shore is the only place for night entertainment on the French side. If they don’t want me there, I’ll have to file for bankruptcy and open another place on the Dutch side.”
St. Martin’s Week notes with a certain level of bewilderment that, while Le shore is assaulted with complaints about noise pollution, no such thing apparently happens in l’Agrément, on the outskirts of Marigot on the way to Grand Case, where roadside makeshift bars produce thunderous sound levels every weekend for the evening until the wee morning hours. About this situation, Week notes, the authorities have apparently nothing to say and there also seem to be no complaints from residents in the vicinity.

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