Power outage plagues All Stars weekend

POSTED: 10/26/11 11:36 AM

St. Maarten – The All Stars weekend organized by the St Maarten Youth Beat Foundation was supposed to be an entertaining weekend but it turned into a dark episode for the teams that registered. The tournament was formally opened last Friday at the L.B. Scott Sports Auditorium.

Ruby Labega School beat the Seventh Day Adventist team 28 – 12 in game one, the Dutch St Maarten U-16 team defeated their French counterparts 62 – 41 and the Dutch U-19 team defeated their French counterparts by 87 – 60. In the main event of the night a visiting team from Tortola defeated the visitors were able to a local All Stars selection 90 – 82 in a game that was closely contested.

The activities for Saturday were shifted to the Melford Hazel Sports Center. In game one the Sister Genevieve Deweever team made light work of the St Joseph team, defeating them 27 – 4 in a one sided affair.

Joshua Bowers won the three point shoot-out by securing eight points. Second place went to Deujuice Pier-Charles who had seven points and Jose Heliger got third place with six points. The Slam Dunk competition between the various teams had to be called off after the activities were interrupted three times on Saturday night. In the return game between the French and the Dutch in the U-16 bracket, the Dutch team finished on 43 and the French on 38.

Friday, 28th October 2011

3:30pm  Seventh Day Adventist Vs Leonard Connor School (Primary Schools)

4:30pm  Genevieve Deweever school  Vs  Winner SDA / Leonard Connor (Primary schools)

5:30pm  Milton Peters college Team 1  Vs   USM (Secondary Schools)

6:30pm  Milton Peters College Team 2  Vs winner MPC 1/USM


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