Possible drug overdose at St. Maarten airport

POSTED: 09/9/13 2:46 PM

St. Maarten – A woman who was found at a restroom at the Princess Juliana International Airport on Saturday afternoon lost her conscious because of a possible drug overdose.

The lady was discovered with a weak pulse and police officers found her with a syringe in her mouth and found two small plastic bags containing amounts of heroin and cocaine in her immediate surroundings. She possibly lost consciousness while injecting herself.

Personnel of the Airport Fire Department arrived on the scene and provided the victim with first aid. Dr. Deketh arrived shortly after and reanimated the victim.

The victim, after regaining consciousness admitted to the doctor and investigating officers that she is a drug addict. She was taken to the St. Maarten Medical Center for further medical treatment. The syringe and drugs were confiscated for further investigation.

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Possible drug overdose at St. Maarten airport by