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POSTED: 01/4/13 1:06 PM

WILLEMSTAD, Curacao — The minister plenipotentiary of Curacao in The Hague does not fall under the same rules as the one for ministers, former formateur Glenn Camelia says in response to the discussion about Roderick Pieters. He is not a resident of Curaçao, nor has he taken the oath yet as the new minister plenipotentiary in the Netherlands. Because Pieters is not a resident, many believe he cannot become a minister.

In this respect they refer to article 30, section 1 of the Constitution. It states that to become a minister candidates must be a resident of Curacao, have the Dutch nationality and not be excluded from suffrage’.

Camelia referred to section 2 of this article in which positions are assigned that are not compatible with the position of ministers. The position of minister plenipotentiary is mentioned there as well

“This means you cannot be a minister if you are a minister plenipotentiary. In other words, the rules for the ministerial office do not apply for the position of minister plenipotentiary. Article 33, section 2 of the Constitution also mentions nine ministries. We would have ten ministers if the position of minister plenipotentiary was included,” Camelia says.

The former formateur also stated that the position of the minister plenipotentiary is not a ministerial post because it falls under the responsibility of the Minister of General Affairs. Article 38 of the Constitution mentions the positions that are not compatible with that of a minister plenipotentiary. This article further mentions that a minister plenipotentiary cannot be a minister at the same time, Camelia says.

The fact remains that Pieters is officially still not in office. For that matter, he was present with the administration of oath of the members of the new cabinet on Monday. He also attended the first meeting of the Council of Ministers. PS-leader Helmin Wiels subsequently emphasized that the minister plenipotentiary is in fact a high official post that falls under that of the minister of General Affairs. “Although Sheldry Osepa wanted his name put on the candidate-list of the MFK this wasn’t allowed because he was registered in the Netherlands. To hold the post one must be registered in the Netherlands, not on Curacao,” Wiels says.

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