Port: never heard from the SMMTA again

POSTED: 09/7/16 10:04 AM

St.maarten – The SMMTA presents itself as “the voice of St. Maarten’s marine industry that works together with other industry groups and all levels of government to provide a strong and consistent say for the marine industry,” Port St. Maarten stated in a reaction to a letter from the Marine trade association (see our opinion page). “Contrary to this mission statement, the SMMTA fails to cooperate, let alone directly communicate, with one of the island’s key promoters of the marine industry: the Port and its subsidiary the Simpson Bay Lagoon Authority Corporation (SLAC) N.V.

Earlier this year, SLAC placed a two-page advertisement in the print media in which it responded to a press release by the SMMTA. In this advertisement SLAC explained in detail the role that it plays in relation to the Simpson Bay Lagoon, as well as the difficult circumstances and restrictions under which it has to operate. Although the SMMTA announced that it ‘would respond in multiple press releases on the misrepresentations presented by SLAC’, nothing was ever heard from the SMMTA again.”

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Port: never heard from the SMMTA again by

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