Porsches and cash seized from criminal suspects – Curacao

POSTED: 10/9/15 12:02 PM


WILLEMSTAD – The team tasked with seizing criminal assets impounded luxury cars and expensive jewelry during two house searches in Sunset Heights and Rancho yesterday morning. The team took away a Porsche Cayenne, a Porsche Carrera, a Jeep Cherokee and a Lexus, as well as a motor bike and a scooter. Furthermore the team seized valuables like Rolex and Breitling watches, jewelry and a large amount of cash.

On September 20, the team already took €70,000 from the same group of suspects when two couriers arrived with the money from the Netherlands at Hato Airport.

The prosecutor’s office suspects that the seized items have been bought with criminal money. Everything will be sold and the proceeds will be used to fight crime in Curacao.

The seizure team consists of officers from the tax inspectorate, Customs, Royal Marechaussee, police and Coast Guard and operates under the responsibility of the prosecutor’s office.

Yesterday, members of the Detective Collaboration Team RST and a specialized search team of the defense Ministry assisted with the house searches.

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Porsches and cash seized from criminal suspects - Curacao by

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