Pool location up to the St. Maarten government

POSTED: 05/24/11 1:11 PM

St. Maarten – One of the chief organizers of Childfest Katarina Ozkan says it’s up to the government to decide where a community pool, funded by proceeds from the event, will be built. Childfest is an annual event that comprises a gala dinner and family fun day aimed at raising funds for charities that benefit children.

“When we gather enough funds we want to start that in collaboration with government because we need to get the land for the pool. They have to advise us on what is best for the community,” Ozkan said.

No options have been ruled out and Ozkan said the money could be used to expand the current pool at the Raoul Illidge Sports Complex.

Ozkan said the gala dinner and fun day were “a lot of fun”. The latter event was attended by an estimated 20, 000 people. The figure is lower than in previous years. Ozkan believes the falloff was caused by the rain.

“The rain came when the majority of the people usually show up. Also people have to work that day, but usually they still find to come,” Ozkan said.

Attendance at this year’s gal dinner was also down, because ticket sales started late.

“We had about 10 days to sell the tickets for the dinner but even so there were still well attended.

When you want to invite people in just 10 days it is not easy since people, in most instances, make other plans. In some cases companies have to seek permission from senior management. These may be the reasons that more people did not attend,” Ozkan said.

The promise has been made that next year’s Child Fest celebrations will not be postponed and that the public will also be informed months ahead of time.

“In the end I want to thank everyone who came because no donation is too small and every dollar counts,” Ozkan said.


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Pool location up to the St. Maarten government by

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