Police will discuss campaign advertising with parties

POSTED: 07/16/14 12:05 PM

St. Maarten – The police will address the placement of campaign material with the leaders of political parties that so far have ignored the conditions set forth in the general permit that allows parties to advertise along public roads.

Based on the permit, it is prohibited to place campaign material on bridges, on or near roundabouts and on street furniture (like lampposts and traffic signs).

During the past couple of days, the police has made the rounds, snapping pictures of situations that seemed to violate the rules. Yesterday Chief Commissioner Peter de Witte discussed the findings with Justice Minister Dennis Richardson.

On Monday, this newspaper already reported violations at the One Tete Lokay roundabout in Cay Hill (by the DP, the UP and the US), near the Salt Pickers roundabout (by the UP, the US and NA-candidate Rodolphe Samuel) and at the Prince Bernhard Bridge (by Samuel). In the meantime, the UP has also placed green flags on the Prince Bernhard Bridge.

For now, the authorities shy away from a zero tolerance policy. Instead, they will approach the parties and discuss the situations. Chief commissioner De Witte told this newspaper on Sunday that he counts on common sense to prevail

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