St. Maarten Police visit Milton Peters College for Career Day

POSTED: 11/6/14 9:26 AM

police at mpc

Police inspectors Henson Ricardo and Felix Richards pose for a photo with MPC students following their presentation. Photo contributed.

St. Maarten – Police Inspector Felix Richards (C.P.O.) and Inspector Ricardo Henson (P.R.) visited the Milton Peters College yesterday as part of career day.

While at the school both officers gave the students who attended the presentation an extensive explanation about the police force which mainly consisted of a brief history of the police force, its structure, the job requirements and possibilities of career advancement within that organization. The students displayed a high level of interest during the presentation and many were enthusiastic about the presentation. After the presentation the students got the opportunity to ask questions which were answered by the officers.

While at the school the officers used the opportunity to continue to promote the “Stop, Drop & Go” which thus far has been very successful. The students were informed about the dangers of the possession of fire-arms and the consequences of using them. They were also encouraged to promote this project. Many students were then given a “Stop, Drop and Go” rubber wrist band which demonstrates their support of the project.

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St. Maarten Police visit Milton Peters College for Career Day by

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