Police Sports Week: Aruba takes top honors in shooting

POSTED: 10/8/12 2:38 PM

St. Maarten – After exhibiting nerves of steel, the six member team from Aruba walked away with the coveted title, the championship trophy and the rights to brag about it at the conclusion of the shooting competition which took place at Indigo Bay yesterday with 566 points.
Occupying the number two spot was the Netherlands with 458 followed by St Marten with 442 points. The competition was part of the Police Sports Week and involved teams of six shooters.
The rules of the tournament were simple; not following those stipulated rules resulted in a disqualification. There was no room for error because time was of the essence. Standing at the farthest point on the range (20 meters), two shooters at a time from the same team using a Glock 17 were required to shoot 6 of 12 rounds into a bull’s eye.
At the conclusion of that session, the shooters were required to holster their weapons and the marshals examined the target and recorded the hits. From that point, the two shooters after receiving a signal were required to run around a cone before returning to the position where they started.
That stage of the contest was the first in s series of tests for the nerves because with an empty magazine in one hand, they had to load 12 bullets and after running that was not exactly an easy task.
After unloading the first six shots at the target from the 20meter point, the shooters had to holster the weapon before running to the 15 meter mark and shooting at the six plates below the bull’s eye. After reloading the magazine with six more bullets, the shooters had to get their nerves together before shooting at six falling pins where every shot had to count.
Team Aruba, the second to last team to complete the challenges was able to set the bar in the most difficult segment on the range, the falling pin when Erick Barry became the first participant to shoot down four pins and two fell because of the wind.
But if that was not enough for Aruba, Harold Heyliger and Patricia Milendijk also gave a good account of themselves in the falling pin competition, they were the game changers and made things extremely difficult for team Suriname, the last team on the range.
The other team in the competition finished in the following order. Suriname, 341 points, Curacao 299, Bonaire 220 and the St Maarten Coast Guard 182 points.

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