Police shuts down drug operation

POSTED: 05/27/13 2:00 PM

St. Maarten – Over 200 marijuana plants were confiscated by police officers and members of the VKS during a large drug operation on Saturday morning in the hills of Margareth Bruce’s Drive in Middle Region.

Searches of the area led the investigating officers to several marijuana plantations and numerous potted marijuana plants, where many full grown marijuana plants were put out to dry and prepared for distribution. Besides the plants, many other items used to operate this operation were confiscated.

During the search a brewery of what is called ‘weed wine’ was also located. This wine or substance is produced with use of marijuana and sold for consumption to the public. The police department strongly warns the community, that the production of this so called ‘wine’ is not only illegal but it can be very hazardous to one’s health, especially to youngsters. The Forensic Department has been called in to investigate what is used to produce this weed wine.

Several persons who reside illegally on the island were brought in and turned over the Immigration and Naturalization Department. No suspects have been arrested in this case as the investigation continues.

The police department wants to thank all those partners who assisted them with information carrying out this operation. It also wants to encourage the community to join partnership with them and provide information that help with this type or any other investigation.

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