Police seek J. for parking lot shooting

POSTED: 10/26/11 11:47 AM

St. Maarten – Police are continuing to search for a man they’ve identified only as J. He stands accused of shooting O.D. McG in the parking lot of SEL Maduro and Sons at 6:30 p.m. Monday evening. They’ve also said the bill the pair argued about ahead of the shooting was for $28.00

Police were able to gather the additional details after speaking with the victim. He says that J. shot at him three times, but he was hit only once. The other two shots hit vehicles parked in the lot. J. fled the scene after the shooting and police – the Forensics Department in particular – is investigating.

McG’s initial treatment was done on the scene by the paramedics and he received further treatment at the St. Maarten Medical Center.


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