Police search for robber after residents give no help

POSTED: 10/26/11 11:34 AM

St. Maarten – Police were unable to get residents of Fort Willem to cooperate with them on Monday as they pursued an armed robbery suspect. The man had held up the occupants of a house in the area using a silver colored handgun, which has been recovered and confiscated.

According to the police report patrols were sent to Fort Willem near 1:00 p.m. because the man was threatening the occupants of a house with a firearm. When they arrived the occupants informed them that the suspect had threatened them with the gun and attempted to rob them. As police began their investigation they spotted a man matching the description given by the suspects. When police approached him he ran and disappeared through the alleys.

Though they did not catch the suspect police found a black plastic bag with a black T-shirt, a black mask and a silver colored pistol caliber .45 at the back of the house the man attempted to rob. All of the items have been confiscated and the investigation and search for the suspect continues.

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Police search for robber after residents give no help by

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