Police reports progress in investigation “Wiels assassination was contract-killing”

POSTED: 06/20/13 11:04 AM

WILLEMSTAD, Curacao – The May 5 assassination of Pueblo Soberano-leader Helmin Wiels was a contract-killing, police spokesman Reggie Huggins said yesterday afternoon in Curacao.
One of the suspects, 30-year-old Raoul Martinez was recently found murdered. The other suspect has not been arrested yet. The police are still investigating who paid for the murder and who gave the assignment. The police say that it is making progress in the hunt for answers to these questions.
“The investigators have a reasonably clear picture of the suspects of the actual murder and of what went down on May 5,” Huggins said. “It is most likely a contract-killing whereby one or more killers have been paid by a third party to commit the murder. The investigation is also focusing on those that gave the order for the killing and who have paid the actual killers. The investigators are making progress and have indications in which direction they have to look for these people.”

Martinez rented the car the killers used to flee the crime scene. Martinez went missing after the murder. His car was found abandoned on May 18 near the salt pans in Sami Liber. There was a lot of blood in the car.
The body that was found last week without head, arms and legs at a remote pebble beach is probably the earthly remains of Martinez, the police stated.
Martinez was already in the picture as one of the suspects before his disappearance, the police said. The police also know the identity of the man who was in the car with Martinez on the day of the murder. But the police declines to give more information about this man in the interest of the investigation.
Huggins said that the police had decided to limit information to the media in the interest of the investigation. “The suggestion that Dutch media get more information than local media is absolutely incorrect,” he said.
Pretu, the 26-year-old that was arrested in Zoetermeer last Saturday is not suspected of the Wiels-murder but of involvement with the murder on Martinez. This crime was possibly committed to confuse investigators about the Wiels-murder.

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