Police report three burglaries, theft and the disappearance of a white envelope

POSTED: 04/11/11 12:35 PM

St. Maarten – Police reported on Friday three burglaries, one attempted burglary, the theft of a €14,000 ($20,000) motor bike and the disappearance of a white envelope containing close to $2,000. All incidents happened in the course of last week.

On Tuesday between four and six o’clock an unknown burglar broke into a car that was parked on the Gladiola Road in Mary’s Fancy  and took two pairs of Gucci sun glasses, an iPod, and some small change.

On the same street another car was broken into as well that day. The burglar smashed a window but found only some small change.

Another burglary took place at a house of which the police did not mention the location. The resident left her home at a quarter to ten in the morning and when she returned two hours later a woman ran screaming in her direction when she opened the door. The woman ran away, shortly afterwards followed by two men. They took an iPad and a laptop from the house. The burglars entered the house via the bathroom window.

A woman on Illidge road got unwanted company around eleven o’clock at night on Tuesday. Someone knocked, she went to open, and a man almost burst into her house, but upon seeing the resident, he took off running and drove off in a car with dark tinted windows.

A woman filed a complaint at the police station about the disappearance of a white envelope containing $1,960 in cash. The woman said  that she had left her handbag behind at a company where she went to pay her bills. The next day she went back, after she realized she had forgotten her handbag. The bag was still there, but the envelope with the money had disappeared. A review of security camera footage may reveal who took the envelope.

On Thursday a police patrol arrested W.K.R. at four thirty in the morning as a suspect in a burglary at a home on Paradise Island Road in Madame Estate that took place half an hour earlier. The man allegedly stole a Bose media center, a microphone and a computer bag. He was taken to the police station pending further investigation.

Also on Thursday, a man reported that his Yamaha Z300 motor bike with a value of a bit more than $20,000 was stolen from an address at the Airport Road where he had taken it for repairs. The bike disappeared between the end of March and April 6.


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