Police raid Border Bar in human trafficking probe

POSTED: 09/1/11 3:13 PM

St. Maarten – Early yesterday morning the judge of instruction together with the public prosecutor and some thirty police officers conducted a search on the premises of the so called “Border Bar” on the Oyster pond Road. One man, I.P., was arrested, and officers confiscated cash and several documents, the prosecutor’s office stated in a press release.

The search and the investigation were executed because information had come to the attention of the police and the prosecutor’s office that the labor circumstances in this adult entertainment club were a strong indication of human trafficking, more specifically the trade in women (vrouwenhandel).

The trade in women is a serious crime under article 260 of the Penal Code and carries a maximum prison sentence of five years.

The prosecutor’s office stated that, due to the scale and the interest of the investigation no further details will be released for the time being.

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