Police officer shoots fleeing suspect

POSTED: 06/22/12 3:25 PM

Officers of the Special Robbery Unit and Forensic Department on the scene assessment after an officer shot a fleeing suspect on Thursday. (Leo Brown photo)

GREAT BAY – Seventeen year old D.L. will head to the police station from the St. Maarten Medical Center in a matter of days. The young man was treated at the scene by paramedics and taken to the hospital after a police ended his attempt at escape with a single shot to his right leg.

According to the police report a patrol of the Simpson Bay substation was stopped by bystanders in Cole Bay around 10:00 a.m. on Thursday and informed them that a robbery was in progress at the Family Dream Supermarket on the Well road. The officers exited the vehicle just as the suspect emerged from the supermarket with a black cloth partially covering his face and a handgun in his right hand.

The police report stated that the suspect walked rapidly in the direction of Narrow Drive and refused to stop even though officers asked him to do so several times. When the suspect began running one of the officers fired the shot that hit L. in his right leg. He fell to the ground and the police searched him and found the weapon and the cash he’d stolen from the supermarket.
The Special Robbery Unit and Forensic Department are investigating this matter.

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