Police officer found innocent of evidence tampering

POSTED: 08/5/11 1:02 PM

St. Maarten – Chief Commissioner of Police Peter de Witte says Police Spokesman Inspector Ricardo Henson is innocent of charges that he attempted to have a young detective tamper with evidence. The Police Internal Affairs has investigated the matter and concluded that there are no grounds for a disciplinary investigation.
The allegation against Henson relate to a robbery investigation. It was alleged that he asked the detective who was investigating the case to remove the information because his son was involved. The Internal Affairs investigation has revealed that Henson did not pressure his colleague.
“Henson merely informed the detective/colleague in question that as a father he would have his son report to the police station to give a statement in regard to that ongoing investigation. With this the investigation against Inspector Henson has come to an end. The Police Department continues to have full confidence and trust in the performance of Inspector Henson,” de Witte wrote in his release.

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