Police keep streets safe and conduct traffic controls

POSTED: 02/5/15 6:04 PM

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St. Maarten —The large amount of cruise ship arrivals—totaling 24 to date– kept the police force busy during the week of Sunday January 25th through January 29th. By the end of the week the amount of cruise vessel arrivals is expected to surpass 30. The streets of St. Maarten have been quite busy with the many cruise passengers visiting the island. The Police Department has also been extremely busy providing the necessary safety and security for the visitors and the entire community. During the day officers can be seen on patrols and keeping a keen eye out to what is going on. Officers were seen controlling many vehicles and regulating the flow of traffic. During this period approximately 150 fines were given to drivers who were in violation with the traffic laws.

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Police keep streets safe and conduct traffic controls by

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