Police get second anniversary blessing

POSTED: 10/11/12 3:05 PM

GREAT BAY- An estimated 250 law enforcement officials representing the Netherlands, Curacao, Aruba, the BES Islands and Suriname are in St. Maarten to join with their local counterparts in celebrating Police Week and the second anniversary of the Police Force of Country St. Maarten. It was representatives from these entities, along with the French Municipal Police along with Gendarmerie and justice officials who converged at the St. Martin of Tours Parish Catholic Church for a thanksgiving service Wednesday morning.

The church which usually seats 450 persons according to Father Robert Bobb Johnson was packed to capacity. All officials were adorned in full dressed uniform and it was a sight to behold for the many spectators who stood outside the church to catch a glimpse of their relatives and friends from neighboring islands. A march on Front Street comprising various ranks from all delegations would later bring the proceedings to an end.

Speaking on the sermon Let Your Light Shine Before Others, Father Johnson reminded officers that they are to always display several virtues since their vocation is “a call to holiness.”

Johnson spent time outlining the virtues even mingling with the crowd to maintain the attention of the officers. He highlighted courtesy, tact, temperance, impartiality, truth, confidence, initiative, obedience to orders, conscientiousness and sobriety as characteristics that every law enforcement officer should possess.

“The problem today is that society seems to have become very secular. We live in a world which says whatever makes me happy, whatever I decide, whatever satisfies me. The nature of your job goes against that. You can no longer simply say, it’s about me, some do that, but they will perish. Your job by its very nature says that it is not about you, it’s about God and God’s people; serving and protecting them. God has chosen you to bring justice, peace, truth and security to his people,” he added.

The service was declared officially opened by Anglican Priest Father Terrence Rawlins with the Police Choir belting out two beautiful renditions under the directorship of Esther Davis-Roach.

Officer Russell Simmons paid tribute to Inspector Guillermo R. Rumnit-who died last month- in song by crooning his remake of Carroll Roberson’s I’ve Had a Wonderful Life.

Minister of Justice Roland Duncan arrived late for the ceremony but did not address those gathered.

The service ended with prayers of intercession done by the leaders of each police delegation for the safety of police as they execute their duties and the safety of the nation.

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