Police find guns and armed robbery suspect

POSTED: 11/22/11 7:21 AM

St. Maarten – After a tip that two men were seen near the Déjà Vu Night club around two thirty on Saturday morning, police did not only manage to confiscate the guns and two suspects, officers also learned that one of these men was wanted in connection with an armed robbery.
When a patrol arrived on the night club’s parking lot, they easily spotted the white car they were looking for. The driver stepped out when he saw the police arrive and started to walk away, but after he was summoned to stop he complied. After his passenger was summoned to get out of the car, officers found two handguns on the passenger seat – a .45 caliber Glock and a .38 caliber I.N.A., a Brazilian weapon that is according to internet reviews “little known outside South America.” It is usually described as the tiger 38 special. The abbreviation I.N.A. stands for the national armaments industry of Brasil.
The two men, identified as 21-year old J.D. and 24.year old A.J. were arrested. A body search netted several small plastic bags containing marijuana. At the station, the officers found out that J.R. was wanted as an armed robbery suspect.

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