Police don’t think ex-Lt. Governor’s son was murdered

POSTED: 11/14/11 3:56 AM

GRONINGEN – Police in Groningen do not suspect foul play in the death of the 24 year old Joaquim Jamal Richards. The body of the son of former Lt. Governor Franklyn Richards and his wife Angela was found in a pond on November 11.

“We don’t think there is a crime involved. A terrible accident or a suicide. He used medication for a kind of disease so we think that he was shook up by something,” police spokesman Jan Visser said in a interview with sxmislandtime.com.

Richards was spending time with friends in the city center. He left them early and said he was going on. That was the last anyone heard from him. On November 4 Richards’ father filed a missing person report and the police launched a media campaign.

“We did everything to find him and Friday we found him in a pool in a park here in Groningen. We took him out of the water and we think he lay there for a week or two,” Visser said.

There are no indications yet of how exactly the 24 year old ended up in the pond or the cause of death. The latter will be revealed by an autopsy that is being done in Rijkswijk.

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Police don’t think ex-Lt. Governor’s son was murdered by

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