Police crackdown on illegal scaffolds and vendors

POSTED: 04/18/12 3:17 PM

St. Maarten – Placing or constructing scaffolding or any other of type structure along the route of the parades for the 2012 Carnival will require a permit from the Ministry of Justice. This decision has been taken to ensure public order and safety and the protection of people and property.

“Any structures placed or constructed without the necessary permits will have to be removed. The opportunity to request a permit is still available,” a release states.

According to the police the number of illegally constructed scaffolds and stages has been growing each year. The construction of these viewing “platforms” which people do not have permits for violates the General Police Inspection (Algemene Politie Keur) and costs the government money as there are people and organizations that request permits, pay fees and submit themselves to inspections by safety inspectors from the Ministry of Housing, Physical Planning, Environment and Infrastructure. The inspection is based mainly on the reliability of the construction.

“From a safety point of view it would not be wise to have any scaffolding or any other type of structure along the route of the parades if it does undergo the stipulated government safety inspection,” the police’s release state.


Vendors that are operating during the Carnival season are also being reminded to make sure they have a valid vending-permit from the Department of Economic Affairs.

“Anyone operating without a permit will be in violation with the law and will be given a hefty fine. The items that are being sold can be confiscated. All vendors that have a permit must follow all stipulations of the permit. Not following these stipulations is regarded as operating without a permit. The Economic Affairs will attach a list of the areas in Philipsburg where the selling of goods will not be allowed when it hands out the permits,” the police’s release concludes.

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