Police Chief, Dutch Forensics Institute sign service agreement

POSTED: 04/14/11 12:15 PM

St. Maarten – Chief Commissioner of Police Peter de Witte has signed an agreement with the Dutch Forensics Institute (NFI) for the latter to provide services. The agreement was countersigned by the head of the NFI’s front office for international relations of the Richard Koning and Account Manager Judy Overveld.

De Witte was mandated to sign the accord on behalf of Justice Minister Roland Duncan. The arrangement will allow for the institute to provide services to both the police and the public prosecutor’s office. The organization works in over 30 forensic disciplines – the most in the Netherlands – and has the aim of “improving the client’s information position.”

The agreement signed Wednesday is an extension of a contract that the Netherlands Antilles had and that was up for renewal as of October 10, 2010, when St. Maarten and Curacao became autonomous countries with their own police force.  The Police Force of St. Maarten is the first to have formally signed this agreement.


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