Police chase ends badly: Man injured by police car

POSTED: 10/9/15 12:08 PM

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The injured man being transported to the medical order valium online overnight center for further treatment. Photo Today / Andrew Dick


St. Maarten – One man is now in the hospital after he was hit by a police vehicle that was in pursuit of a white car with heavily tinted windows and on the L.B. Scott Road near the Dollar Store. The man drove into a fence across from the store and jumped out complaining of pains. Bystanders assisted the young man and called the ambulance for help. The police continued their pursuit of the car fleeing from them. The driver slammed into another car in the store’s parking lot and ran towards the Carib Lumber cricket stadium. Police continued to chase on foot and captured the suspect and arrested him. The driver of the car that slammed into the fence complained about severe pain in the chest and was transported by ambulance to the medical center for treatment. The suspect who injured his leg while fleeing from police was also taken to the medical center for treatment and was later released to police.

While on a routine control on the L.B. Scott Road at the entrance of St. Johns a car coming from St. Peters ignored a stop sign drove off in a high speed. This led to the chase, nobody else was injured. The man told police he had fled because he had no license Police searched his car and confiscated several items.

Police spokesman Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson said the controls are randomly done at several remote locations on the island. Traffic on the L.B. Scot road was partially closed off and traffic was diverted to other roads to get in and out of the St. Peters area. The Police Traffic Department and detectives are investigating why the suspect behaved the way he did.

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