Police catch thieves red handed

POSTED: 09/26/11 7:12 PM

St. Maarten – Police arrested and detained two men at 2:10 a.m. Friday morning as they attempted to break into the Sol Gas Station on Bush Road. The two suspects are 59 year old B.M.B. who was repatriated to his home island Trinidad & Tobago in 2010 and M.V. of St. Maarten. Both men admit they participated in the robbery.

The arrest was done by a patrol which spotted one of the men walking in the narrow alley between the Jerk Restaurant and the gas station. They also noticed a man – B. – with a wooden log and a hydraulic jack. When the patrol officers approached him B. dropped the log and the jack and ran into the alley. The officers caught up to him, arrested him and confiscated both the log and jack. They also discovered that the men had already broken through the gas station’s back wall.

B. is known to the police. He was expelled in 2010 after he and another man attempted to break into a store on Front Street. The store owner shot him in the leg and then the court expelled him. He returned to the island four days ago.

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