Police announce zero tolerance for violence during St. Maarten Carnival

POSTED: 04/27/11 11:41 AM

St. Maarten – The police and the Public Prosecutor’s Office have announced a zero tolerance policy for the Carnival celebrations. The bottom line: People, who get caught in fights, or in possession of a firearm, will spend the remainder of the celebrations in a police cell.

In a press release the police mention public violence, gang fights, all forms of ill-treatment, making threats, possession of firearms, assault and destruction as examples of offenses that guarantee a quick trip to the lock up.

The policy applies to all Carnival celebrations – from the jump ups and parades, to the concerts and other shows directly related to Carnival festivities.

The police warn vendors to serve drinks in plastic cups only and not to hand out drinks in glass bottles.

Vendors along the parade route will be controlled. Vendors without a permit will have their merchandise confiscated and they will also get “a very stiff fine.” The police advise permit holders to carry their permits with them at all times to avoid inconveniences.

Police and security staff will control all people entering the Festival Village on weapons and drugs possession.

Troop leaders and others that are using a vehicle during the parades have to make sure their inspection is in order. The last opportunity for an inspection is this afternoon between five and seven o’clock on the Pondfill opposite the Yellow Building.


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Police announce zero tolerance for violence during St. Maarten Carnival by

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